You’re Probably A Federal Criminal

cat%20burglar.jpgOf general interest and with particular application in health care, the federal government has, over the course of several decades, criminalized an entire range of behavior that most people did not know or perceive to be criminal. This is not lost on the people who practice in the medical field; one client recently surmised “If it is a good idea in healthcare, it is probably a misdemeanor, if it is a great idea, it’s a a felony.”
One other client, after being acquitted of federal criminal charges predicated upon the application of a vague regulation, asked “What did I do wrong?” The only answer I could come up with was “You made money in health care.”
The intricate and ever expanding number of regulations, national and local coverage determinations, and transmittals from Medicare and Medicaid often carry with them potential criminal penalties for fraudulent claims. Fox News has an interesting article about hearings being conducted by Congress on the issue of the over criminalization of federal law.
To read the Fox News article, click here.

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