What You Need to Do You’ve Been Charged with a Federal Crime.

FedCt-300x141When someone goes on and on about what seems to be a trivial matter, that person might be told to stop making a “a federal case out of it.” There’s a reason that common turn of phrase came to be. Being charged with a federal crime is a big deal! Its HUGE! Being charged with a federal crime is intensive, invasive, and intimidating. A person charged with a federal offense is at risk of being convicted and sentenced to time behind bars.

Federal law enforcement is known for its tenacity. Yes, the case agents and prosecutors occasionally make mistakes, but on the whole they investigate thoroughly, and prosecute with skill and determination. They are representing the interests of the USA, and once they decide to prosecute, they don’t like to lose. Federal sentencing guidelines are comprehensive, and the sentences judges hand down are frequently stiff as well.

But all is not lost. Your number one goal should be to achieve the best possible result for your given circumstances, and the only way to accomplish that is to hire the best attorney you can. Many seemingly hopeless cases can be successfully resolved before trial. Others cases can be won at trial or handled in a way that produces a more lenient sentence. An experienced criminal defense attorney representing your interests and leading you through the federal criminal justice system is the most valuable asset you can have. He or she is your key source of information and guidance, and is your mouthpiece to make sure your side of the story is clearly presented.

It may be helpful to keep this in mind, too: Just because you’ve been charged with a federal crime doesn’t mean you’re guilty of that crime. You may have been falsely acĀ¬cused; setup by someone you thought you could trust; or mistaken for someone else. Perhaps you were at the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe you made an innocent mistake. . . and the list goes on.

Making good decisions each step of the way is critical to achieving the best possible outcome. I hope that my blog will assist you in familiarizing yourself with the concepts of federal court, the key players, the process, the terminology, your rights, the rules that are set in place, and the importance of proper courtroom conduct. Following the advice I offer can make the difference between spending time with your loved ones on your terms, or only seeing them on the government’s terms.

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