W Administration Ignored Warning About Organized Crime Committing Medicare Fraud

Federal officials in charge of preventing fraud in the billion-dollar Medicare program ignored dozens of warnings of criminal activity during the Bush administration, according to investigations by the Associated Press and U.S. Senator Charles Grassley’s (R-IA) office.
CMS received about 30 tips over more than three-years reporting scams, but less than half of them got any attention. Organized crime groups have realized it is much easier and less dangerous to steal millions from the Medicare without as opposed to traditional criminal enterprises like prostitution, gambling or dope dealing.
Southern California is one that has been particularly hard hit area for Medicare fraud, where Russian, Armenian and Nigerian mafias are under investigation by federal agents. Konstantin Grigoryan, a former Soviet army colonel turned crime boss, recently pled guilty to taking $20 million from Medicare. Click here to watch a CNN report including undercover surveillance video.

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