Photobucket MIAMI-DADE, FLORIDA (May 19, 2011) – A fraudulent billing scam masterminded by Gregory Campbell, the 28-year-old son of State Rep. Daphne Campbell, has brought first-degree felony charges of grand theft, organized fraud and Medicaid fraud down on Mr. Campbell’s head. He stands accused of billing the joint state and federally funded Medicaid program for $299,000 for services he never provided.
It appears Campbell billed for the same patients at two separate adult care facilities. Investigators also found Campbell billed for patients that did not live at either facility, and he offered kickbacks to the owner of one of the care sites.
Campbell was being held in the Miami-Dade county jail following his arrest on May 12. When contact by the press regarding her son’s arrest, Rep. Campbell had no comment.
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