PhotobucketBROWARD and PALM BEACH COUNTIES, FLORIDA – Continuing the crackdown on pill mills in Florida, local, state and federal law enforcement officials confiscated medical and financial records from three alleged pill-mills in Broward and Palm Beach counties, one week after Governor Rick Scott signed the “Pill Mill Bill”.
Officers donned masks as “Operation Blue Spoon” raided Total Medical Express locations in Margate, Boca Raton and Palm Springs under the suspicions that the clinics operated without the proper licenses for pain clinics. Palm Beach County arrests included the pharmacy department manager, Marc Donegan and the office manager, Adelard LeFrancois; both charged with prescription-drug trafficking and failing to maintain required paperwork records to track movement of prescription drugs. Dr. Sherri Pinsely, the alleged pill supplier, was also arrested shortly after the raids on the same charge of failing to maintain required paperwork. The Clay County Sheriff arrested Richard McMillian of Delray Beach and Pasquale Gervasio of Parkland and charged the pair with operating the Orange Park clinic without a license.
At the time of these arrests, officials were looking for Dr. Arnold Aaron of Boca Raton, the manager of the clinics and a board-certified family practitioner and anesthesiologist, but learned the doctor had traveled to Michigan for surgery. Although previously led to believe the doctor was “on his deathbed,” officials discovered he was actually living at a retirement home. He was booked on a $250,000 bond into the Oakland County Jail in Michigan on the Clay County warrant. Aaron confessed knowledge of the charges and anticipated his arrest because other Florida doctors involved with pain clinics had been arrested. Aaron waived extradition back to Florida.

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