doctor-writing-prescription.jpgCOLUMBUS, OHIO (May 9, 2011) – Joining other states with similar legislation, Ohio’s licensed doctors support the passage of regulations to curb the ‘pill mill’ problem and cut the rapid growth of the painkiller-addiction problem in the state. The physicians are also concerned, however, that patients with legitimate pain relief needs could find it harder to come by their drugs, if doctors are worried they’ll be targeted for investigation. “Nothing about anything that we’re doing is meant to dissuade good physicians,” states Richard Whitehouse, executive director of the State Medical Board. Instead, the aim is to give the board more authority to target pill mills.
Ohio House Bill 93 seeks pharmaceutical licensure of free-standing pain management clinics, which is where the majority of patients receive the narcotic pain killers. In addition, doctors would be required to have an affiliation with a local hospital and be board-certified in pain management. Doctors would also have to report any narcotic pain prescriptions written to a state-monitored automated reporting system.
In the past, physicians prescribed strong pain killers mostly to their cancer patients. After reevaluation of pain as the “fifth” vital sign, doctors began to more freely write for pain killer medications. “Now, there’s a crisis of drug abuse and diversion,” states Dr. Robert Taylor of Ohio State University Medical Center.
Getting rid of the pill mills reduces the problem in part, but addicts and drug dealers may simply shop harder and use out-of-state sources. Taylor feels that although the legislation will help reduce the supply, the demand side of the problem will still be there.
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