PhotobucketNEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA – Dr. Michael K. Nunn pled guilty to health care fraud and money laundering in U.S. District Court on April 25. Nunn received four years of probation and was ordered to pay $297,215 as restitution to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the Veteran’s Administration in connection with Medicare fraud. His medical corporation was also fined $700,000.
Nunn’s company, Community Wellness Center, located in New Bern, North Carolina, fraudulently billed Medicare for diagnostic and therapy services that were never performed. If performed services were not among those that would receive reimbursement from Medicare, they were coded as services that Medicare would pay. The Veteran’s Administration was often billed twice for the same services to the same patients.
Four government agencies participated in the investigation, including the Internal Revenue Service.
Healthcare Fraud Blog Publisher, Attorney Robert Malove, is an expert criminal trial lawyer as recognized by The Florida Bar. Mr. Malove has extensive experience in the area of Medicare fraud and money laundering defense.
Mr. Malove has extensive experience in the area of health care fraud and represents the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine, Florida Academy of Physician Assistants, American Academy of Pain Management, and Florida Society of Neurology and has filed an amicus curiae brief in federal court challenging the constitutionality of the Florida statutes regulating the operation of pain clinics, i.e., pill mills.
If you, or someone you know is facing prosecution as a result of aggressive law enforcement activity of pill mills or doctor shopping, make sure you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the issues.
Federal Healthcare Fraud Strike Force teams are currently operating in 9 locations: Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Detroit, Brooklyn, Tampa, Baton Rouge, Dallas and Chicago.
If you or someone you know is a healthcare provider and in need of serious pill mills, doctor shopping or any healthcare fraud defense, please contact attorney Robert Malove, co-author of the noted treatise,
WHITE COLLAR CRIME: HEALTH CARE FRAUD (West)(2010-2011 ed.) to arrange an immediate consultation.

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