Photobucket MIAMI, FLORIDA (JUNE 28, 2011) – Dr. Rene de los Rios was sentenced Monday to nearly 20 years in prison for Medicare fraud. The doctor’s defense team had tried a plea bargain of seven years, but U.S. District Judge Joan Lenard quickly rejected the deal. The doctor hoped for a shorter sentence due to his age (72), heart condition and diabetes.
Sentencing came following a conviction in April of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and submission of false claims to Medicare for a total of $46 million in fraudulent claims from an HIV infusion therapy clinic. Dr. de los Rios was able to write phony prescriptions by falsifying hundreds of patient records, and some patients even received kickbacks. Judge Lenard showed her disdain for the doctor by chastising him for his fraudulent activities and stating “Dr. de los Rios does not deserve the title of doctor anymore.”

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