Medicare Fraud Defendant Sentenced in Florida

548707_barbed_wire__2.jpgOn January 10, Cesar Romero was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Patricia A. Seitz to forty-six months in jail and remanded into immediate custody for his role in a multi-million dollar Medicare billing fraud scheme on which Romero previously had pled guilty. Romero faced a potential sentence range of 46 to 57 months in prison, but was sentenced to the low-end of the advisory guidelines’ sentencing range called for under an Adjusted Offense Level of 23. Romero’s counsel disputed the 2-level upward departure from the base offense level of 21 with a lower advisory sentencing range of 37 to 46 months incarceration.
253463_iv_drip_-_intravenous_therapy.jpgRomero took part in a scheme in which a phantom health clinic, named “The Real Group & Associates, Inc.,” was incorporated in South Florida and subsequently billed Medicare for reimbursement for non-existent drug infusion and injection therapies typically prescribed to AIDS and chemotherapy patients. Nearly $17 million of false claims were submitted to Medicare for reimbursement, resulting in payments of more than $2.5 million on the false claims. To date, law enforcement has recovered more than $1.6 million of the fraud proceeds. At sentencing, Romero was held responsible, in part, for recruiting and managing the straw owner of the clinic, and for the creation and control of the clinic’s corporate bank accounts that were used to transfer and disburse the Medicare fraud proceeds through a series of fraudulent financial transactions.
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