Man Sentenced To 70 Months In Drug Diversion Scheme

shell-game.jpgArnesto Segredo, of Miami was sentenced to 70 months in prison for of conspiring to divert the prescription drugs Serostim and Nutropin AQ. Both drugs are human growth hormones (HGH).
The scheme involved Segredo using first and unlicensed company and then a Florida licensed wholesale company to buy and then resell the drugs that were originally purchased by co-conspirators in California from AIDS patients who were prescribed the drugs which were paid for by the California Medicaid program. The use of HGH by AIDS patients is used to prevent what is called “wasting” or the deterioration of muscle. The drugs are also used on the illegal market, by body builders to bulk up muscle mass.
Mr. Segredo wad convicted by a federal jury after going to trial. Going to trial was a pretty brave act given that the prosecutor’s opening statement to the jury likely contained some form of the following: Desperate, poor, dying people sold away the drugs that helped keep them alive so Mr. Segredo could make a profit; oh, and by the way, Medi-Cal paid for those life saving drugs so Mr. Segredo’s lucre also came at the expense of the hard-working taxpayers of California and the United States.
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