Legislative Wrap Up: Miami-Dade County as the Epicenter of Health Care Fraud

We have previously written about the federal government’s HEAT, a task force dedicated to rooting out health care fraud in several cities very prominently including Miami. In the last legislative session, the Sate of Florida also got into the Act.
tallahassee-capitol.jpgThe legislature designated Miami-Dade County as a “health care fraud area” requiring special scrutiny and presumably more funds for Medicaid / Medicare fraud enforcement. In addition, with Miami ’s immigrant community in mind, the legislature also now requires a $500,000 bond to be posted for any new or change of ownership for health care clinics, DME and home health providers. Those following the legislative process noted that the original intention was to eliminate non-citizen ownership altogether, citing to the amount of fraud coming from entities with immigrant owners being used as straw men for the actual operators. However, there were constitutional concerns that led to the bond requirement.
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