Photobucket WASHINGTON (AUGUST 12, 2011) – The Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services says more than 60 percent of all power wheelchairs, which are usually covered 100 percent by Medicare or private insurance, are not necessary for patients. The high cost of these chairs make them an attractive sales product for slick salesmen eager to make a buck.
Past investigations show that Medicare has paid close to four times the average $1,048 cost, making Medicare responsible for more than $4,000 for each chair. In many cases, the chairs won’t work in the patient’s home because doorways are too narrow or there is simply not enough room in the house to maneuver the chair. In Marvin Rosen’s Coral Springs home it’s become something he sits in occasionally to watch television because the chair isn’t supposed to be used outside, and his home is too small to use it inside. The company who provided him with the chair failed to measure his home, which is a requirement before a patient can receive one.

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