How to Avoid the 230-year Sentence for Health Care Fraud

LOUISVILLE, KY. – How does a doctor get convicted of money laundering, health care fraud and doling out prescription drugs like jelly beans and then sentenced to 230 years in prison with a fine of $10.2 million? By not having a health care fraud attorney willing to ask his client the tough questions, nor one who will give his client the honest truth, or that will dig in for the fight and not accept the maximum sentence and fine for his client. That is what could happen to a Louisville doctor indicted by a federal grand jury earlier this month.
After a year-long investigation by the police, the FBI, and DEA, the grand jury indicted Dr. George Kudmani.
The indictment alleges that the doctor would see more than 35 patients per day. Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that new doctors average eight minutes per patient. Doctors who have been practicing for a number of years would probably need less time per patient. Thirty-five patients per day would be an easy figure to reach.
The investigation also uncovered that Dr. Kudmani bought a new car, allegedly with money he was pocketing from selling prescriptions. Not a vacation home or several cars or a boat or a race horse. He bought a new car in the time between January 2009 and September 2012.
The investigation resulted from a patient that claimed that she almost died at the hands of the good doctor because while performing a hysterectomy, the doctor nicked her bowel. This event could indeed, have killed the patient, but it didn’t. She lived and needed to undergo several more surgeries.
The patient stated the doctor told her that “as long as I’m in practice you will never need pain medication…straight out.”
She also claimed, “he was basically making people addicted to this medication.”
And lastly, “I’m only one voice, one person and there may be several hundred that he’s done this to.”
So far, no other patients have come forth to make claims against the doctor.
The case has not yet gone to trial.
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