Healthcare Fraud Blog Publisher Successfully Completes Healthcare Corporate Compliance Graduate Certificate Program at GWU

Today, the person most essential to your healthcare organization’s long term success may not be a doctor, nurse, or technician. Increasingly, the most vital person in your company may be the one who helps you navigate a tangled web of regulations, certifications, and liability. Who creates and institutes policies and operational guidelines that help keep you open for business? Who is responsible for monitoring day-to-day operations to be sure that you can survive scrutiny from government auditors investigating potential fraud or Stark violations? That person is Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Robert David Malove.
GW’s Healthcare Corporate Compliance Program is accredited by The Healthcare Compliance Certification Board (HCCB). The HCCB was established by the Health Care Compliance Association in 1999 to complete the process of developing an examination and manage the Certified in Healthcare Compliance certification program.
Given the dramatic changes in healthcare policy and regulation over the past decade, the importance of having a corporate compliance adviser has increased dramatically and become a top corporate priority. No other position can have so profound an impact on your healthcare organization’s success-or failure. Legislation such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Anti-Kickback and Stark Laws has created the need for university-based certification for this increasingly specialized-and increasingly complicated-field.
To this end, attorney Robert David Malove has completed The George Washington University’s Graduate Certificate Program in Healthcare Corporate Compliance. This one-of-a-kind program provided Mr. Malove with a comprehensive corporate compliance education. Drawing from both GW’s Department of Health Policy in the School of Public Health and Health Services and leading healthcare law firms in Washington, DC, the program allowed Malove to immerse himself in learning the various healthcare laws and regulations as well as tools and strategies for creating effective corporate compliance programs.
A well-educated healthcare corporate compliance lawyer like Robert Malove may be your most important asset.

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