Google Gets Around To Policing Internet Pharmacy Sites

google.jpgGoogle has for many years profited somewhat well from advertising by websites dedicated to gambling and internet pharmacy. Website owners who want to advertise on Google and other search engine companies bid on words in an ongoing auction. So, when a person enters a search term and advertisements pop up on the screen top and sides, it costs those advertisers money for the placement and for the number of clicks on those advertisements. Some of the highest cost adwords are for gambling and prescription drugs. Google has long had a strange relationship in that regard with their most profitable advertisers, at times being accused of enabling illegal conduct.
Google has taken steps over time to try to distance itself from some of those advertisers. Two years ago the United States passed the Ryan Haight Act to attempt to eliminate so called rogue internet pharmacies that provided prescription drugs without physician face to face interaction. Google had sought to limit the number of such pharmacies advertising on its search engine but there are still many that operate and advertise. In what seems to have been a long time coming, Google has now instituted a policy that requires any pharmacy related websites in the United Sates to be certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies through its VIPPS program and for Canadian pharmacy websites to be certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA.). The policy also prevents Canadian pharmacies from advertising in the United States.
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