Florida Legislators Move to Prevent Doctor Shopping

tallahassee-capitol.jpgLegislation before the Florida House and Senate would require a controlled substances reporting database containing all prescribing and dispensing information related to certain controlled substances.
The purpose and intent of the statute is to prevent drug abuse and profit making by the over prescribing of controlled substances. The database would be accessible by pharmacists and practitioners dispensing medications to patients to make sure a patient has not received multiple prescriptions for controlled substances. However, somewhat disconcerting from a civil liberties perspective is that the database would also be accessible to law enforcement as part of an “active investigation.” This includes State Boards, Medicaid fraud investigations or any investigation concerning fraud, prescribing, or dispensing controlled substances which seems to include any time law enforcement wants the information. Active investigation is defined as “an investigation that is being conducted with a reasonable, good faith belief that it could lead to the filing of administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings, or that is ongoing and continuing and for which there is a reasonable, good faith anticipation of securing an arrest or prosecution in the foreseeable future.”
Th read the legislation click here and here.

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