Photobucket NEWARK, NEW JERSEY (AUGUST 2, 2011) – The FBI wants the public’s help in preventing health care fraud and they’re putting up advertisements in malls and on highways to bring attention to their campaign. Digital ads went up in malls in Paramus, Wayne, Hackensack and Atlantic City, as well as on the Jersey Turnpike near the Lincoln Tunnel and several major highway systems.
The Newark office of the FBI is credited with the idea for the program. For the next two months that the ads are up, the Bureau hopes to see an increase in the number of tips reporting health care fraud. If the New Jersey campaign is successful, the Bureau will turn it into a national program with the help of Clear Channel, who also assists on the “Most Wanted” digital billboards.
Health care fraud costs the American taxpayer approximately $60 billion a year, and in New Jersey the loss was $8 million in 2010. As the number of reported health care fraud cases has fallen off in recent years, the FBI hopes to educate the public on how much they’re losing by not reporting fraud. Agent Sean Keyes says “all of the best criminal investigations are human-source driven.”

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