FBI, OIG, HEAT How About SFO – “Serious Fraud Office?”

We have done posts on the various monikers given to task forces, including the most recent in healthcare fraud, HEAT (Healthcare Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Team) and the agencies in involved in those investigations; the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), OIG (Office of Inspector General), MFCU (Medicaid Fraud Control Unit); but the British, when they go to investigate large frauds have a more direct name, “Serious Fraud Office” which in England and Wales is a separate entity from the other governmental agencies and has specific criteria as to the amounts number of potential victims, and the general importance of the prosecution.
In the healthcare field, their most recent investigations have involved frauds on the British healthcare systems by drug manufacturers. The analogous agency in the United States would likely be the Department Of Justice or Main Justice and one of its individual units, but the names aren’t as cool. On the one hand, getting a visit from the Federal Bureau of Investigation is frightening, but it might be more so if you get an investigation from the Serious Fraud Office.
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