Photobucket SOUTH FLORIDA (AUGUST 18, 2011) – The new legislation designing to halt the sale of painkillers and close down the largest pill mill industry in the nation, doesn’t target the real source of the problem it seems. Pharmacies, not doctors, sell about 80 percent of the narcotic painkillers that people get their hands on through doctor shopping.
A new state-wide database may cut that problem down, but the startup of the database has been stalled. Officials have rededicated their efforts to have the database up and running later this year. The database is designed to catch patients who jump from one doctor to the next, or who “doctor shop,” in order to keep their high prescription narcotic use under wraps. When a patient gives their prescription to a pharmacist, their name, doctor name and prescription drug information will be entered into a computer system. The system will flag any patients who attempt to buy more narcotics within too short a period of time.

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