Delray Beach “Pain Clinic” Management Regulation: Great Idea, No Way To Carry It Out

fingerprint.jpgThe City of Delray Beach, Florida, is considering requiring pain management patients to give their fingerprints so those fingerprints can be used to immediately electronically check against a database to make sure the patient is not doctor shopping. That sounds great, but there is currently no electronic patient fingerprint network or database anywhere and for Delray Beach to create and maintain one itself it would cost more than they likely have budgeted for much of the services the city provides.
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One bill pending before the Florida legislature proposes requiring that all physicians issuing a prescription for Schedule II and III controlled substances use a “multi-state electronic prescribing network” to verify whether a patient is doctor shopping. Unfortunately, no such network exists for controlled substances. In addition, the statute does not provide any way to fund it except for grants from unknown sources. For more, click here.

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